Beautiful Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Outdoor Shower Enclosures

An outdoor shower is an accessible alternative for bathing or rinsing from certain activities you do outside your house. If you have a pool, or even a beach house, it is the best way to control dirt and mess from getting inside to your house from all sorts of sand, soil, and residues especially if you are an always-observe-cleanliness type of person.

You can choose from an open outdoor shower or an enclosed outdoor shower enclosure. The enclosed outdoor shower enclosure has more advantages where you can incorporate personal variation for your needs when it comes to organizing things such as body structions, additional space, more privacy and additional functions. So if you are looking for outdoor showers, continue on.

Upgrading Your Pool Shower

An outdoor pool shower for you home

An outdoor pool shower for you home

A lot of people think that there are only a few things they can do with their pool shower. A quick shower before swimming and rinsing after swimming in the pool is actually just a few of the basic functions of outdoor showers. With all the accessories built for outdoor showers, people can turn their simple shower by the pool into a multi functional shower.

Most people see their outdoor showers even those built for showering by the pool, similar to their garden hoses or outdoor faucets. Yes outdoor showers can be used for washing garden tools after using them, or rinsing soiled and muddy clothes, but people should also consider the stylish, comfortable and luxurious side of outdoor showers.

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Instant Outdoor Shower with Outdoor Shower Kits

Outdoor Shower Kit

Outdoor Shower Kit

People don’t have the time to dig out an area of their backyard to make the floor area for an outdoor shower. They don’t have the time to make sure that the measurement of the floor level is even, or to build the pipes into the wall where the shower head will be mounted. Building an outdoor shower will simply take too much time.

So how can busy people still enjoy an outdoor shower on their backyards during the weekend? What can they do to spend time and effort but still have an outdoor shower to go with their pool out in the backyard? And what if plastic enclosures don’t suite their taste? Can people still have a functional as well as stylish outdoor shower in no time?

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Saving Money and Space with Portable Outdoor Showers

Save money with portable outside showers

Save money with portable outside showers

Some people don’t find it necessary to have an outdoor shower built permanently out on their backyard. These people even include some with outdoor swimming pools. There are many reasons why people don’t want or need an outdoor shower, but not having one also has some drawbacks.

The probable reasons why people don’t need an outdoor shower is because they can’t afford one. Either there’s not enough space to build one, or some people just find it very impractical to build a shower outside when there’s already a bathroom inside the house where they can clean themselves better.

Although it is true that an outdoor shower will take up a certain amount of space of the backyard, and yes it will cost money but having an outdoor shower also has their benefit. There are certain things that people try to avoid when it comes to maintaining the house and outdoor showers can be very useful in those parts.

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Outdoor Shower Steam Rooms

Outdoor Steam Shower Room

There are many benefits you can enjoy by having shower steam rooms. Steam showers open up pores of our skin to excrete the toxins in our body, it increases the blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrient distribution in the body which help increase the body healing rate and it is good for respiratory problems like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Steam can help clear allergens and mucus from the lungs. It also relaxes our muscles and takes away joints and muscular pain, and it also rejuvenates our skin by opening the pores and washing out the deep seated grime in our skin. [Read more →]

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Unique Outdoor Shower Designs

Designers and interior decorators have influenced a lot in the designs of outdoor showers. They heavily define what makes an outdoor shower design work for the best environments.

Here are some of the best unique and innovative designs in the industry. Most use stainless steel for the shower structure and shower head while using faux wood for the outdoor shower enclosure. One of the designs also include a very natural wicker look that can be great for 7 star resorts and hotels that have an extravagant pool.

Here are the Top 5 Unique Outdoor Shower Designs.

1. Garden Shower Medina & Azue by D’un jardin à l’Autre

Unique Outdoor Shower Design

2. Natural “Wicker” Design Outdoor Shower with Towel Rack

Unique Outdoor Shower Design [

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Modern Outdoor Shower Designs

The trend in outdoor shower designs have also modernized with the introduction of well renowned and innovative designers taking up the challenge of creating a stand out outdoor shower (pun intended).

The designs vary depending on your concept and style. Most of the modern design use stainless steel for the outdoor shower head and stand. The designs mostly are in chrome and has a futuristic feel in the shower and landscape. These can fit to any interior or exterior design and can be great for 5 star resorts and modern outdoor spaces.

Here are the Top 5 Modern Outdoor Shower Designs.

1. Modern Steel Shower by Jaclo

Unique Outdoor Shower Design

2. Fashionable Steel Showers by Jaclo

Unique Outdoor Shower Design [

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Outdoor Shower Enclosure

A lot of people love to jog every morning, exercise after waking up or maybe having a swim in a sunny afternoon. After sweating vigorously in the morning, the next thing that we would do is to relax and freshen up. That’s where outdoor showers come in.

There are several vital parts of outdoor showers and one of the most important is the outdoor shower enclosure. They serve as the walls that cover the outdoor shower area in your home. They give utmost privacy for the person taking the shower. Outdoor enclosures are very important and a must especially when building outdoor showers for public places like beach resorts, hotels and swimming pools. They tend to be good accessories for the outside shower itself. They can be built as a different unit to the outdoor shower attached above or built in together with the outside shower. [Read more →]

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Outdoor Shower Head

Want to play and choose how the rain pours? Use a shower head.

Taking a shower is a lot of fun, especially with someone or with your friends after any outdoor activities. It is a time when one receives the benefits of refreshment and fun in one whole outdoor shower experience.

Having a shower is enjoyable when you are filled with choices on how you could adjust the shower head to compliment what your body needs. There is a wide selection of style spray patterns to choose from not just for relaxation matters, but to create an exciting outdoor shower. [Read more →]

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Outdoor Shower Construction

Outdoor shower is a great feature and add-on for your house. Having an outdoor shower is not only convenient, but it also helps by not spoiling the fun and eating up the time to go inside the house for wash-up and rinsing.

With this regard, an outdoor shower is a perfect pick to build up for a great outdoor encounter. There are many ways for you to come up in planning to create an outdoor shower. Constructing an outdoor shower gives you two options. One, you can install a mounted shower. Two, you can put in a stand alone shower. [Read more →]

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Outdoor Beach Shower

Summer is the best season to strut and look hot. Why not!

There is always fun in the sun. Getting away from the stress of work and school, and from problems, families, friends, and lovers think of the best way get on that ride for real fun. And one thing comes to their mind – when the sun is high, beach is where we fly. Beaches are the top of the lists when it comes to summer escapades. Swimsuits, surf boards, tan lotions, and hot bodies are the eye-catchers and must-haves in such season. Swimming, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, name them all and it goes down to this – getting wet. After long hours of fun and action, everything, with no exception, ends up with rinsing and bathing. Nothing can refresh us before going to our homes and our hotel rooms without even taking an beach outdoor shower. [Read more →]

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